100 day returnspolicy

If you want to return a product, just let us know within 100 days of delivery and we’ll tell you how to get it back to us for free.

We are proud to be the first E-commerce to provide the longest return policy (100 days). 


Returns made easy

  • Not happy with your new product? No worries. We’ll give you a full refund if it’s unused. If it’s used, you can not return it then.
  • To return an item, simply call us at 01099944331

Faulty products

  • Think your product’s faulty? You can call the authorized agent no. shown on the warranty card and they will support with a technician if needed.
  • The technician at the visit will inspect the product and will write a technical report describes the item's condition.
  • If the item is faulty and you are in the first 14-day period of purchasing, then you will send us this report and we will send you a replacement.
  • If you’re beyond the 14-day period, then the authorized agent will replace the item himself if the inspection shows a technical issue.
  • Items without an authorized technical report, will not be returned.


Extra bits you need to know

  • If you want to return a bundle, all the items must be sent back to get a full refund. If the bundle isn’t complete, you’ll only be offered a partial refund.
  • Exchange/refund is not allowed if :
    • The purchasing invoice is missing
    • The item is used without an authorized technical report
    • The item package is damaged
    • Some parts of the original product are damaged or missing


  • After your request, our team will collect the item and will inspect it at our warehouse, and feedback within 72 hours with the approval.
  • If not approved we are sorry, we will return it to your side.


Exchange/Refund policy 

  • items exchange/refund price will be calculated as follows:
    • 100% of the original item price (within 0-14 days)
    • 90% of the original item price (within 15-30 days)
    • 80% of the original item price (within 31-60 days)
    • 60% of the original item price (within 61-100 days)

  • Items above 20,000 EGP cannot be refunded (beyond the first 14 days).
  • For refrigerators, the customer is responsible to hand them to our team on the ground floor.
  • during return, our courier will sign a proof of receiving your item showing the case of it.
  • We may reject returning items that are phased out ( beyond the first 14 days ).
  • Items of Furniture are not returned after 48 hours from purchase.