Bosch Dishwasher 12 Persons 60 cm Silver inox SMS44DI00T

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You can easily set the desired start time.
Thanks to the time delay function, you can pre-set the program for the desired start time. This allows you to use your product comfortably at any time of the day, during business hours, or at night.

Rakmatic (adjustable top basket with 3 layers height)
Thanks to Rackmatic technology, you can adjust the height of the upper basket in 3 different steps even when the machine is full, with a simple hand gesture. Thus, you can easily place large plates and utensils in the lower basket or long cups in the upper basket. Thanks to Rackmatic in Bosch dishwashers, there is always room for large pots or tall cups.

the health
The highest level of hygiene.
Antibacterial cleansing can sometimes be difficult for families with young children or allergic patients. HygienePlus guarantees high standards in hygienic cleaning. This feature, which is activated in conjunction with regular washing programs, raises the rinse temperature and maintains it to 70 ° C for ten minutes to remove the remaining bacteria. Sanitary cleaning and peace of mind after every wash.

Make your glass containers stay shiny for longer.
You might be surprised with the knowledge that the type of water you use has a major effect on glassware and delicate ceramics. Since soft water causes corrosion in glass, Bosch dishwashers with glass protection technology constantly regulate the degree of hardness to ensure valuable glass and delicate porcelain are always washed with special attention. Take proper care of your precision cutlery even without moving your finger.


Perfect cleanser that doesn't waste any drop.
The washing loads are not quite the same, so why does each cycle automatically use the same amount of water? LoadSensor uses a rotary speed sensor to detect load weight and water level, so only required amount of water is used. For example, smaller loads require less water for rinsing, while less water is added to it, while full loads are given more water for optimal rinsing. Is it an advantage that delivers excellent results while saving water and electricity? This is smart.

Washing dishes like you have never heard before.
Keeping your house clean can be difficult. Keeping calm at home can sometimes seem impossible. The EcoSilence Drive dishwasher provides high-performance cleaning with less noise. EcoSilence Drive is equipped with a brushless and energy-efficient motor that reduces friction noise and provides smoother and quieter operation. Now you can enjoy your home in peace and quiet.


Less water, less energy, more performance.
Bosch's innovative ActiveWater washing technology increases efficiency, providing eco-friendly washing for excellent cleaning results. Thanks to the optimum water distribution and filter technology, higher pump performance saves water and energy.

The maximum efficacy of tablet cleaners is achieved with each wash.
Thanks to the newly developed system, maximum efficiency of tablet cleaners is obtained in every wash. The disc cleaner is automatically located in the specially designed basket during the most convenient time for washing, and it is dissolved in this basket in a controlled manner during washing. This way, the best result is obtained with each wash.

Works for 10 years without rust, standard.
Bosch has developed additional technologies for steel and other materials used in special surface coatings and dishwashers, thus increasing the internal time of a body resistant to all dishwashers to 10 years. Now, all Bosch dishwashers are covered with a 10-year warranty against wear from the inside out.

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