BOSCH Grinder CompactPower 2000 White MFW3X18W

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Longer blade life

Usually, grinders only have a one-sided knife. The stainless steel reversible knife on the CompactPower razors from Bosch has sharp edges on both sides. So you don't have to concentrate on putting the knife on correctly. Regardless of which side you put it on - it will always be fine!

At the touch of a button, you release the ingredients stuck in the grinding chamber.

When processing hard ingredients, the grinding chamber may become blocked from time to time. This is where the REVERSE function will help. It helps to release the ingredients blocked in it. Thanks to this function, the mincer is ready for use again very quickly.




A powerful and gentle way to get fresh juice from small fruits.

Preparing homemade tomato juice often requires a lot of effort. Thanks to the juicing attachment for small fruits, you can easily prepare healthy juices at home. This attachment processes many types of fruit and vegetables, from berries to soft vegetables and tomatoes. Well, it even removes currant stalks!

Turn your grinder into a citrus juicer.

It usually takes some time to prepare fresh juice. Now it will be easier for you with a citrus juicer, which you can easily mount on your grinder. It is suitable for juicing all types of citrus fruits: lemons, oranges or grapefruits. The juice can be squeezed directly into the glass. Enjoy your daily dose of vitamins.


Perfect results

Want great results even with ingredients that are difficult to process? Thanks to the very powerful motor and the high locking power of the motor, all ingredients are processed evenly and very quickly. This means more time for you.

Processing a large amount of ingredients in a very short time.

Sometimes you need to process large amounts of meat in a short amount of time. The high-quality meat grinder from Bosch is an expert at processing large quantities of ingredients quickly. Thanks to the powerful engine, it works very quickly and reliably.



Stability on the work surface thanks to a well-thought-out design.

A grinder that moves across the work surface can be a threat to our safety. Thanks to the rubber feet in the base of the device, the Bosch razor is firmly seated on the table top.


Quality you can trust. Stainless steel is a durable and solid material. The sieves made of such steel have a smooth surface, do not change the taste of the food they come into contact with and are very easy to clean. All this makes it the best material that can be used in grinders.



Accessories always in place

Now you will never have to search for sieves again. The sieves can be conveniently stored in the integrated storage compartment so that they are always in place.

Ingenious design: cable storage space.

Forget cable tangling. This grinder has a storage compartment where you can store the cable after use. This way your razor will need less storage space.


Easy to carry thanks to the practical handle.

Often there is not enough space on the countertop in our kitchens. Thanks to the practical handle for easy portability, you can move and carry the device without any problems.


Saves space on the countertop and during storage

Our kitchens have to accommodate a lot of things. Thanks to its compact size, the mincer takes up little space on the countertop and during storage.



Variety of applications


It helps in the preparation of a wide range of tasty dishes.

You will save valuable time while preparing meals. The slicer is a very practical solution for slicing and shredding mainly vegetables. There is no limit to the amount you will cut, shred or grind. It is enough to place the vessel under the slicer outlet and thus decide on the required amount of ingredients. It is suitable not only for vegetables. With its help, you can also slice cheese, nuts or chocolate. A favorite element of the shredder is the drum for grinding potatoes into potato pancakes, included in the set.

Enjoy the freshest coffee.

Nothing beats the taste of freshly ground coffee. The burr grinder will give you the great taste and aroma that only freshly ground coffee can offer. The grinding fineness can be adjusted from fine to coarse. It is also great for grinding various spices, grains and seeds


Homemade products are always a good alternative to those bought in the store.

Homemade sausages can be prepared according to your individual taste and recipe. They will surely delight your guests. The butcher's attachment allows you to create your own, delicious poultry, beef, pork or vegetarian sausages.

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