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Elba built in hood 90 cm ECH 941 X
Special Price EGP1,599 Regular Price EGP1,950
Elba - 90cm Chimney Hood 550m3/h ECH 914 XR
Special Price EGP2,888 Regular Price EGP3,900
Elba Gas Hob 90 cm + Full Gas Oven With Fan 90 cm
Special Price EGP19,499 Regular Price EGP20,890
Elba Telescopic hood - 90 cm 550 m3/hour TCH 920 X
Special Price EGP2,730 Regular Price EGP2,900
Elba - Gas Hob 90cm Cast iron grids ELIO 95-545
Special Price EGP7,125 Regular Price EGP7,575
Elba - Chimney Hood 90cm 850m3/h ECH 918 X
Special Price EGP5,170 Regular Price EGP5,495
Elba - 90cm Chimney Hood 850m3/h ECH 9144 X
Special Price EGP4,510 Regular Price EGP4,795
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Elba - Full Gas Oven & grill with fan 90cm 109-52X
Special Price EGP13,340 Regular Price EGP14,189
Elba - Ceramic Hob 90cm 477-007X
Special Price EGP8,275 Regular Price EGP8,800
Elba built in hood 90 cm KCH 5010 BK
Special Price EGP24,335 Regular Price EGP25,885
Elba built in Island hood 3 Speeds ECH 9665 GLX
Special Price EGP9,260 Regular Price EGP9,850
Elba built in hood 3 speeds EPH 9047 X
Special Price EGP8,405 Regular Price EGP8,940
Elba built in hood 60 cm ECH 641 X
Special Price EGP1,499 Regular Price EGP1,850
Elba glass hood 90 cm ECHT 9364 GLXR
Special Price EGP5,280 Regular Price EGP6,385
Elba - 60cm Decorative Hood ECH 642 XR
Special Price EGP7,410 Regular Price EGP7,880
Elba - 90cm Decorative Hood ECH 942 XR
Special Price EGP7,825 Regular Price EGP8,320
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