Bosch Freestanding Dishwasher 60cm 12 placements 5 programs Stainless steel SMS45JI00T

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You can easily select the desired start time.

Exclude the forecasting process from cleaning.

Different washing loads require different washing settings. Selecting the wrong program not only wastes time, but also wastes water and energy. Bosch Automatic programs automatically adjust the water temperature and rinse time during washing to match the pollution level and load volume. This means that with Automatic programs, you only use the required amount of water for excellent results. The right wash for each load - just at the touch of a button.


The Vario basket can be easily replaced with the lower basket.

The Vario basket can be easily placed in the lower basket and provides additional storage space for the fork. Available as a standard on all non-VarioDrawer ActiveWater models.

Rackmatic (height adjustable 3 tier top basket)



Highest standard of hygienic cleaning.

Antibacterial cleaning can sometimes be difficult for families with young children or allergic patients. HygienePlus guarantees you the highest standards in hygienic cleaning. In addition to normal washing programs, this activated feature raises and maintains the rinse temperature to 70 ° C for ten minutes to remove residual bacteria. Hygienic cleanliness and peace after each wash.

Keep your glass containers bright for longer.

You may be surprised to know that the type of water you use has a great impact on your glassware and delicate ceramics. Since soft water causes corrosion in glass, Bosch dishwashers with Glass Protection Technology continually regulate the degree of hardness to ensure that precious glass and delicate Chinese porcelain are always washed with special attention. Convenient care for your delicate tableware without even moving your finger.



Washes faster

Thanks to the VarioSpeed ​​feature, which saves up to 50% of the time, you can shorten the washing time by almost half when you fill your dishwasher at full capacity, even if your dishes are very dirty. When you have crowded guests or need urgent clean dishes; With the VarioSpeed ​​feature, you can ensure that dishes are clean in a short time.

Less water, less energy, more performance.


The perfect cleaner that never wastes a drop.

Excellent cleaning results without wasting even a drop of water.

Nothing is more annoying than emptying the dishwasher and finding dirty dishes. The AquaSensor feature ensures that your dishes are spotless every time. At the start of each wash, AquaSensor monitors and detects the degree of contamination of your dishes. Taking into account food residues, oil and detergent residues, AquaSensor sets the best rinse time required for perfect cleaning results and performs a prewash if necessary. What's more, AquaSensor reduces your water consumption considerably, since each rinse uses only as much water as needed. Smart rinsing for you every time.


Dishwashing like you've never heard before.

Keeping the house clean can be difficult. Keeping the house quiet may sometimes be impossible. The dishwasher with the EcoSilence Drive function provides high-performance cleaning with low-noise emissions. The EcoSilence Drive is equipped with a brushless, energy-efficient motor that minimizes friction and provides smoother, quieter operation. Now you can enjoy your home as clean and quiet.

10 years work without rust, standard.

By developing additional technologies for special surface coatings and steel and other materials used in dishwashers, Bosch has succeeded in increasing the interior body stainless time of all dishwashers to 10 years. All Bosch dishwashers now have a 10-year warranty against corrosion from inside to outside, standard.

Precision Cup Protection System

The delicate cup protection system maintains the brightness of your cups and glassware even after washing repeatedly. A special valve automatically stabilizes the water hardness and maintains it at a constant level.

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